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Check out this modified Paulk Workbench. It is a fully functional workbench that includes a downdraft sanding table, is large enough for. See more ideas about paulk workbench, workbench, woodworking. Modified Paulk MFT Workbench and Miter Saw Stand Woodworking Furniture, Workbench Ideas. Designed with portability and functionality in mind, the Paulk bench is sold as a set of plans that have been modified, hacked, and repurposed. CITRIX NETSCALER AZURE AD AUTHENTICATION Наряженное платье на сумму менее 500 администратор нашего. Екатеринбург - одежды primababy. Скидки интернет-магазина детской одеждыВ осуществляется с Вами дополнительно.

I've recently invited several new tools into my shop and got a chance to use all of them in this project. I designed a simple frame which was fabricated out of Southern Yellow Pine. Lumber prices due to Covid are a little higher than usual so I purchased several, approximately straight, 2x12 SYP boards from Home Depot.

It seems like a good idea to me to have all the horizontal surfaces in the shop at the same height. My Ridgid R Table Saw stands at around 36" so this dictated the total height for the bench. The aim was to be around mm under the table saw so that if I ever wanted this bench to pull double duty as an outfeed or support table, it would never snag on material being pushed through the Table Saw. This bench will be a mobile assembly table in my workshop, I'll be building a 'real' workbench later.

Taking into account the height of the castors minus the height of top torsion box assembly gave me the height for the leg pieces. I laminated 3 pieces of SYP together to form the legs after jointing, planing and cutting to an oversized length. Proof if ever it were needed that one can never have too many clamps. After the glue had set overnight, I ran the resulting legs across the jointer and was astounded by the quality of the finish already remember this jointer is new to me.

With the legs glue up and now square it was time to cut them to length and glue up the two H sections that form either end of the frame structure. But first, it was domino time. The Festool Domino machine is an absolute joy to use. I had a few test cuts on some scraps before using it on the real thing. Within 30 minutes I had the hang of it using some shims under the machine where required on the table leg faces and had the domino mortices cut in short order.

It's really fun turning 2 sheets of 4x8 Plywood into a real thing. To break down the sheets I summoned the Makita Track Saw which made light work of the task. I won't give too much away so that you still have a need to purchase Ron Paulk's plans. But in his YouTube video that accompanies the plans he shows making a router template to route the holes in the sides of the torsion box.

I had a horrible time with a template cutter and opted to use the tracksaw for this job coupled with a 1" forstner bit in the corners. Time for a dry fit to get an idea of the final sizes and see how it feels in person, always a fun moment. This project marked my first foray into HVLP spraying. The Fuji Mini Mite 4 was the unit I ended up purchasing as it should be able to handle everything from finish sprays like Lacquer and Polyurethane to super thick Latex paint with a little thinning.

The options available in this space are rather bewildering at first so take your time and do your research. The first spray might have over sprayed primer onto the concrete beneath, might. I was lucky and caught it soon enough that a quick pressure wash sorted the problem but the tarp was the real solution. Unless you have a really well ventilated space expect the paint over spray to go everywhere as a fine dust. Wearing a respirator feels like a non-optional choice to me. Once the bench was primed with 3 coats of multi-purpose primer from Sherwin-Williams, it was time to put the final colour on the bench.

I picked a shade of blue from the Red Bull F1 team media kit, the closest colour that Sherwin could do for me was 'Crackle Blue' and I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. This was my first attempt at spraying anything and after some early drips which I later sanded out in the corners I managed to end up with a finish quality that absolutely blew me away. The prevailing wisdom says that once you spray a finish, you'll never want to brush one on ever again - I concur.

Just look at it! I used Latex paint from Sherwin Williams for this. Despite the entire internet saying how difficult Latex paint was to spray, within a few minutes I had the consistency correct via thinning using a bit of distilled water and some Floetrol. Small Workbench. Garage Workbench Plans. Kids Workbench. Mobile Workbench. Folding Workbench. Woodworking Workshop. Woodworking Furniture. Workbench Ideas. Workbench Stool. Woodshop Tools. Best Woodworking Tools. Woodworking Shop.

Woodworking Projects. Plywood Projects. Home Projects. Industrial Workbench. Where Woodworkers Learn. Jan Van J. Jan Van. Trailer Shelving. Van Shelving. Trailer Storage. Truck Storage. Garage Storage. Lumber Storage. Work Trailer. Utility Trailer. Trailer Build. Mobile Woodshop - Make:. Ron Paulk's mobile woodshop fits inside a 1, cubic foot truck and packs every major power tool with a number of rather clever storage solutions.

Workbench On Wheels. Workbench Vice. Workbench Height. Electronic Workbench. Woodworking Bench. Bob's Paulk Workbench getting put through the paces. Home Workshop. Garage Workshop. Custom Trailers. Cargo Trailers. An Amazing Portable Woodshop. Photo by Ron Paulk. Workbench Plans Diy. Garage Workbench. I felt I needed to include this as it is the center of my shop and an example of taking something and adjusting it to your personal needs.

Woodworking Jig Plans. Woodworking For Mere Mortals. Welding Projects. Ron Paulk. The Paulk Homes Store. The Paulk Compact Workbench 3x6 Plans. Mitre Saw Station. Workshop Organization. Garage Organization.

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Workbench Designs. My version of the Ron Paulk workbench with a little Festool inspired colors. Table Saw Workbench. Tool Table. Woodworking Jig Plans. Workshop Bench. Rolling Workbench. Welding Projects. Quality Woodworking Tools. Woodworking Jigsaw.

Portable Work Table. In the third part of my report I show how I widen … — Table Ideas. Woodworking Joints. Intarsia Woodworking. Youtube Woodworking. Woodworking Videos. Ultimate Mobile Woodworking Workbench. Trailer Shelving. Van Shelving. Trailer Storage. Truck Storage. Garage Storage. Lumber Storage.

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Knife Making Tools. Diy Garage. Diy Tools. Work Benches. Work Shop Garage. Login on Twitter. Tweets with replies by Simon Ragstir72 Twitter. Workbench Organization. Onboard Paulk Workbench with Biesmeyer. Woodworking For Kids. Teds Woodworking. MFT style top made in the UK. Lucian Mindrila. Workbench With Storage.

Table Storage. Wood Storage. Storage Ideas. Storage Boxes. Workshop Storage. Workshop Organization. Home Workshop. Tool Storage. Workshop Design. You might want to consider putting in the clamping holes on hale of you bench. They come in hand. I understand why you painted your tools black. Thanks for sharing this video Jay. Those slots you cut out would be very helpful when gluing stuff down and clamping them. It is nothing more than a miniature shelf unit on a french cleat that allows the long clamps to be secured on a bottom rail, smaller ones on a middle rail, and a small shelf on top for storing glue, etc.

Keep up the great work. And please, do share the info about that new saw : Dave. Did you consider making a pull out shelf like you did before to get better access to CNC machine? This is why I prefer watching your videos on your website. Too funny. Love the table, Jay. But with this design, you could have holes on one side, and t-track on the other…just flip the top over!

Love your vids Jay. Flipping the table for holes or tracks seem like a lot of work. What about holes on the right side and tracks on the left side? Just throwing it out there. Ron Spoke for at least an hour, and set up his workbench for us to check out. He was kind enough to give out large print workbench plans for free. We then got to go outside in the Seattle rain and take a tour of his mobile trailer workshop.

The fastest bench build I ever saw! Thanks Jay. Just wondering if there was a specific reason you had the actual top of the workbench overhang the base? Thanks for the info jay, and nice built. By the way. After watching some of your videos. Something new for me. Beside clubbing and party all the time. Just a quick question. What is the demensions of the work bench? Hi Jay. I wanted to say thanks for all the awesome videos.

Not only is the subject matter and execution amazing, but the quality of the video editing is top-notch as well. Question for you…how do you feel about mdf? Wear a respirator when cutting it though. That dust is nasty! I should have explained the question better.

Do you have any plans for the mobile base. Your base seemed simple enough. How do you deal with lumber generally being out of square? I picked the best 2x4s I could find, but everything is still pretty wobbly. I normally use them as is, skip plane them with my planer, or make multiple cuts at the table saw on alternating sides to get them close. Can you give a simple plan for your moveable base? Im sure it could be modified for any top build.

All I will need to do is figure out how to go about making some portable stands to set the boxes on once I get them all made up. I will let you know how it all goes as soon as I plan it all up and get it going. Jay, again thank you for all you do to help us all out, George. Ill have to drive them at an angle, I was just wondering what you did. I drove them through the holes on top with a couple extensions at an angle. Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it.

Thanks for your videos and inspiring us all. Keep it up! Depends on your location. I have seen several videos of similar style workbenches. What is the height of your box and opening dimensions? If you had to build the top again, would you change any of those dimensions? All other dimensions for the top were taken from the plans. I have truly enjoyed all of your videos and the working mans approach you take to your builds… I have a tonne of expensive tools..

Great modified Paulk table! How is the stability of this bench on casters? Trying to decide on whether to put my bench on casters or not. Thanks for the post Jay! I like how it was flush on one side and has overhang on the other three. Can you solve the mystery? Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Jays Custom Creations. Panel Glue Up Platform. Testing a carbide insert slab flattening bit.. Looks like it will serve you for years to come.

Looks good Jay. It will serve you for years to come. I am curious as to why you painted all your tools black as well. LOL at spray painting your drills black. I know why you did it. Another really cool project.

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