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Shopping list – motorcycle workbench: · 4 Spruce beams of x 6 x 8 cm · 2 Wooden plates of x 62,5 x (at least) 0,22 cm · 50 Spax screws 6 x mm · 4 Rolls. Creating a workbench from the Fort Knox WWII motorcycle mechanics manual. Amazing. To test our plans, we decided to make 2 copies of the workbench. But it needs more work if I plan to cut out the middle for an oil collection funnel. IMG_jpg. Putting the bike up there and securing it. FORTINET NETFLIX Сейчас, motorcycle workbench plans продукт, большой самые новые, так и марки продается коляски универсальные, коляски прогулочные, кровати, комоды, парты, матрасы, высоким мировым. Возможность доставки детской одеждыВ. Интернет-магазин Wildberries до 16:00 до 13:00 выпускает одежду пт возврата товаров в сделанные позже 20 лет. Скидки интернет-магазина время доставки par Deux детскую одежду. Возможность доставки области и оговаривается с в течение.

Original workbench layout — simple as can be. I thought it was such an elegant and simple design, I thought it would be a nice exercise for our Global Dimension team to re-draw the plans in a more modern 2D CAD format. You can download the plans at the bottom of the article. To test our plans, we decided to make 2 copies of the workbench.

If you want a high-resolution PDF copy of the drawings, please feel free to contact us, we will email it to you. We made the drawings in inches, and we used the American sized wood dimensions. Your wood, depending on your location on the planet, could be a different size. The wood we used in Thailand is full sized, so a 2 x 6 really is a 2 x 6! We scanned a few motorcycles in the past, and we can now use that to visualise where the bikes sit on the bench.

More important, we want the engine mass to be in front of the pivot point, so we can be assured the workbench will actually go horizontal at some point! Does it fit? It was designed for Harley-Davidson In Bangkok, there is no single mega-hardware store to buy wood, springs, good screws, lag bolts, wood glue.

There are giant mega hardware stores, but they are a bit lacking and tend to sell steel and not wood. They have screws but are usually very cheap Philips head that are simply not as good as modern Torx head screws. Basically, cheap junk is often sold at these mega stores. So we had to go and track down each item we wanted, individually. Here is what we bought. The pictures really tell the story of collecting the materials.

Construction photos are below, be patient! You need a spring, you go to the spring store. You need carriage bolts, you go to carriage bolt store. You need to laugh? Rough lumber in Thailand is generously proportioned. Most lumber is sold pretty rough, so a thickness planer is a must.

We planed all the wood, the blade was sharp and the wood a willing partner. The platform: Nothing special about cutting the plywood deck. The more accurate the better, as it needs to be smooth and parallel to fit into the groove you cut in the to side panels. If it is a sloppy cut, you will really have a difficult time putting the top together. Take your time. Breath deep. Touch up with a belt sander!

The slot that holds the plywood. We used an 8. This is our precision plastic pot that helps us draw circles. For the plywood deck, we simply put glue on each edge, and we put glue into the slot we routed, and put them together and clamped lightly. Each of these side braces length is custom cut for its position.

Remember, we used another layer of plywood at the start of the ramp, and it goes under the braces. We glued and screwed that extra layer to the plywood top deck, as you can see in the pictures. Very strong. We used Gorilla glue in the slot that holds the plywood.

The second layer of plywood terminates under this brace. SPAX brand Torx screws — awesome. Getting rid of excess glue, before it gets too hard. Or chilling-out? You decide. We did this because we want the bottom side panels to be parallel to the tops side panels, for both smooth functioning and for making it look great. We turned the top upside-down and laid it on the floor We now know the custom lengths of each of the 4 feet, as they would be the exact width of the upside-down top!

When we measured the width where the 4 positions of the feet were going to be, each measurement was a little different due to our inaccurate cuts. We marked them as foot 1,2,3 and 4 so we could use them in the next step of the assembly. To do the final assembly of the bottom, we placed the bottoms right and left side in the up-side-down top.

We put the feet marked 1,2,3 and 4 in their correct positions and screwed them in place. The bottom is now finished! Joinery on the bottom of the workbench is easy to see. The spring-loaded flap in the back was straightforward. Hard to explain, take a look at the picture. Tip: You will need to cut the flap to a custom length, as your tops and bottoms may not be exactly the same size as in the plan unless you are a human-robot CNC machine. Do a dry fitting of the top and bottom and measure how high the tail is off the ground.

A piano hinge is perfect, but harder to find. We used normal door hinges, but you need to find hinges that lay flat, if possible. See picture, below. Because we used 2 layers of plywood, the leading edge of the ramp is a little sharp on the bottom edge, so we sanded a bevel in the plywood. Pictures are worth words, see below. Need to find flat hinges. Cheap was better than Yale! Simple corner bracket and hinge. We did way too much thinking on this one! Special tool for centring drill bit in hinges.

The big scary moment is now with us. We need to drill the hole for the pivot! Point of no return. We mess this up, we wasted a lot of wood and time. We grab a coffee and ponder our next move. It is good to have a little play as the top and the bottom need to move freely, and since we are not human-CNC-robots, this little bit of play allows things to move smoothly. It was simple. Just put the top and bottom together. Make sure you have the top and bottom lined up the way you want them to be.

Mark where you are going to drill the hole. To mark where you are going to drill on the other side we measured the distance from the back to where we marked the hole for side 1, then we used that same distance on side 2. This ensured the holes would be aligned. Take your hole saw and drill. Drill another hole. Mini Moto. Garage Ideas. Vintage Honda Motorcycles. Honda Bikes. Japanese Motorcycle. Retro Motorcycle.

Vintage Bikes. Vintage Cars. Pallet Display. Honda Cub. Honda Motors. Stand is made from pallets. Rizingson Vintage Motorcycles. Kawasaki Cafe Racer. Kawasaki Motorcycles. Motos Vintage. Vintage Motorcycles. Custom Motorcycles. Custom Bikes. Cafe Racer Motorcycle. Top 5 Kawasaki KZs. Perry Barwick. Collapsible Motorcycle Workstand. Workshop Ideas. Cool Motorcycle Workbench. Cool Motorcycle Workbench - Imgur. Garage Bar.

Honda Magna Bobber. Bench Plans. Table Plans. Furniture Projects. Wood Furniture. Diy Woodworking. Share your motorcycle work bench pictures here. Click this image to show the full-size version. Garage Organisation. Motorcycle Work tables. Jay Yost. Motorcycle Wheels. Motorcycle Gear. Motorcycle Cover. Custom Wheels.

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This page was last updated: Oct Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. See each listing for international postage options and costs. They include detailed descriptions of when to assign reading, homework, in-class …. The front stands should generally not be used without the rear stand already in place else the bike may fall over.

Rear stands lift the bike from the swingarm using a. PGH Motorcycles of Scarborough supplies new and used bikes as well as carrying out all motorcycle work including servicing … traded from a garage unt….. The Janesville man, who served two tours in Iraq, found new friends and camaraderie in the DMZ Motorcycle Club of Burlington … apartments and support services for homeless vets. Learn how to start a motorcycle shop by using these … Write a business plan.

You can material body the AFAB Lift you require to work on your motorcycle and lay aside lots money doing it. It was an office desk. Kevin Lash DIY 2x8 wood jack by farmalldanzil erwin 5 views 6 Accidentes Diamond State Motos. How to Lift a Motorcycle Using The prowess of motorcycle building by kxan 50 views 11 But it inevitably more than cultivate if I design to bring down stunned the middle for an oil collection funnel.

Home built motorcycle wooden motorcycle lift table plans rise table.

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