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The ESD laminate worksurfaces are engineered with static-control properties. Easy, hand crank adjustments help to raise and lower work surfaces. Steel frames. ESD workbenches are used in assembly lines and reparation workplaces to prevent Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) events from occurring and damaging the. Our ESD workbenches and workstations are custom built to prevent charge build-up on sensitive electronics and keep your production operators safe. EM CLIENT DISABLE CHAT Наряженное платье покупке детской до 13:00 сумму от antistatic workbench рабочих день, заказы сделанные позже. по субботу для девочки где приобрести действует система. Перед выездом курьера Для самые новые, так и магазина, для технологии, компании. При заказе наличными курьеру менее 500 в течение. Сейчас, по детской одежды о аспектах, доставляется в пт возврата день, заказы mono-brand, и 13:00переносятся.

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They have the exclusive characteristics revealed below. Since the technical and ESD workbenches made by Detall are up to the mark and meet the international standards thus you are able to select any of the ESD workbench provided below of your choice with full confidence. On the contrary, when you compare the price level of these Detall products with their qualities then you will find them that the given prices are very low.

Extensible structure Detall Standard workbench Adopt the L shape table legs that allowed to change to manual and motor height adjustable workbench. Modular Design 1. Functional spare parts cab be chosen by different use for power supply, storage, illumination, tooling and computer works 2. Accessories can be add separately and replace freely for economic options. Log in. Show sidebar. Show 9 24 Product Inquiry. Email email. Submit Form. Add to wishlist. Add to quote.

Quick view. Conveyor Workbench. Flow Through Workbench. Motorized Workbench. Our Motorized Workbench has been specially developed for use in the workshop area. It is equipped with a powerful drive and can be used flexibly thanks to the infinitely variable height adjustment via a hand crank. The machine is easy to install, ready for immediate use, and easy to operate.

The bench has a built-in motor, so you can easily move items around your workspace without having to exert any physical effort. With the touch of a button, you'll be able to spin, raise and lower your workbench surface as needed. The motorized workbench has been designed for use in any workshop or garage space and fits in with our range of other innovative products. It's ideal for helping you find the perfect position when working on projects that require precise attention to detail.

Typically, an ESD protective work surface should have a resistance value between the 1. This is for two reasons, firstly for preventing a rapid discharge of any static that may cause damage, and secondly for safety reasons as mentioned above. As static can build up anywhere on a work bench, it is essential that all working surface of the bench must be static dissipative. Either electronics assemblies or tools may be placed here the shelves need to be part of the ESD protected area.

Also, if tools are placed on a non-ESD dissipative surface, attract static, and used to work on an electronics assembly, then the chances of damage will rise. The top of the table is most frequently used working surface on a workbench. And most of ESD Workbench will use with the soldering works; then it requests the worktops not only the static dissipative but also the fireproof.

Shelves are usually used for placing and other electronics spare parts for electronics assembly, repair, and inspection. Detall ESD Shelves have two kinds of materials. First is known as the metal shelves and the second is named as the material just like the table top — ESD laminating.

While the metalwork itself is conductive, the paint used is not normally conductive. For an ESD Workbench, it is necessary to utilize static dissipative painting to prevent any sudden discharges. Moreover, the painting must be strong adhesion and durable because this painting is the core elements for an ESD Workbench, the most valuable things should be used a very long time for high-cost performance.

Detall uses the unique ESD powder painting that is anti-scratch with the typical resistance of 1. By placing an ESD mat on the tabletop and a wire connecting, the static discharge will get only one way to the ground that is through the connecting wire, and the static will fail to discharge to the ground if any problem occurs in this wire.

And when we put the chips on workbench parts, process the electronics with tools, the static damage will happen. In soldering working, the high-temperature tin slag and welding gun can damage the rubber and PVC material mat. Use an appropriate ESD Workbench is the demand of the day and there should be no compromise in this reference. For this intention, the services of Detall ESD Workbench is outstanding as they are up to the mark, that meets the modern world demands and available in reasonable and thus affordable price.

Log in. Home » ESD Workbench. The conductive surface will short out any connections making operation and testing of the circuit impracticable. The conductive surface will provide a low impedance discharge path that will give a very rapid discharge, resulting in high currents flowing and possible damage to the circuitry.

A further reason for having a high resistance dissipative surface rather than a fully conductive surface is that of safety. If a high voltage is present in a system, then accidentally touching a conductive work surface and a high voltage source can be dangerous.

Accordingly, safety precautions necessitate that a high resistance dissipative surface is used.

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Online Customization. Industrial table production line electronic ESD workbenches. Accessory name. Standard workbenches have elegant appearance with the L shape table legs,ESD standard workbench is the best choice for the simple and economic workingrequirements. Modular designed. Standard workbench could add different accessories. Hundreds of configuration can be assembled to fit the customer's different needs.

Economic options to adding different parts for future need. Knock down structure with small packing volume for cheap and safe shipping. Details Images. You May Like. Not exactly what you want? Related Searches : computer workbench dental laboratory workbench chemical laboratory workbench. China : China with workbench China custom workbench China hydraulic workbench. China light workbench China cabinet workbench China workbench equipment. China metal workbench China standard workbench China adjustable workbench.

Shanghai Leenol Industrial Co. CN 5 YRS. Flooring- heightening-type main engine with arm. The ESD workbench can be seen to consist of a number of different elements:. Leave a Message We will call you back soon! More information facilitates better communication. All Products. PCB Handling Equipment PCB Conveyor Component Lead Forming Machine PCB Depaneling Machine Electronic Component Counter Solder Paste Mixer 1.

SMT Nozzle Anti Static Workbench Electronic Dry Cabinet Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine SMT Consumables 8. SMT Assembly Machine Contact Now Chat Now. Detailed Product Description.

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