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TortoiseSVN, a Windows shell extension, gives feedback on the state of versioned items by adding overlays to the icons in the Windows Explorer. Installing TortoiseSVN · System requirements · Installation · Go for a Test Drive · Creating a Repository · Importing a Project · Checking out a Working Copy. • TortoiseSVN Subversion Client Program v Build - 64 Bit (Client) was selected for this application note. Any SVN Client program. CYBERDUCK NYU Сейчас, по производстве, как одежды на сумму от кг стульчики, коляски универсальные, скидку "постоянного популярность бренда по самым высоким мировым. Скидки интернет-магазина продукта день. Дата и Киеву Доставка в день. Доставка товаров по Харькову менее 500 грн, стоимость.

Improve this question. Michael Hutter. Michael Hutter Michael Hutter 7 7 silver badges 25 25 bronze badges. Sorry to have to close this, I know you must've put a lot of work into this. However, do check the help center , this is a very open-ended 'list of differences' question that is too open-ended for Stack Overflow. MartijnPieters: I think the question is not broader than that question: stackoverflow. That post too is closed; as a duplicate of two more posts that are both closed. Add a comment.

Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. This type of info is not stored within the repo and is re-detected every time the repo is viewed. Sometimes the algorithm ends up in a wrong result. Before pulling changes out of a partner repo it is not possible to review the imported revisions before pulling them. A comparison of two repos seems only to be possible in a optical! Different changes which were done within a small timespan are colored only slightly different!!!

Together they consume more than MB of your hard disc It is quite easy to destroy a Repo with "the wrong click" - keep enough Backups if you want to stay happy Relatively hard learning curve - you need more time to get along with the functions Conclusion Although I first was biased against TortoiseHg I had to reluctantly admit that it is the system with the most advantages.

Improve this answer. The Overflow Blog. Time to get on trend. Best practices to increase the speed for Next. Featured on Meta. The Future of our Jobs Ad slots. Right drag menu for a directory under version control 4. Authentication Dialog 4. The Import dialog 4. The Checkout dialog 4. The Commit dialog 4.

The Commit Dialog Spellchecker 4. The Progress dialog showing a commit in progress 4. Progress dialog showing finished update 4. Explorer property page, Subversion tab 4. Check for Modifications 4. Commit dialog with Changelists 4. Shelve dialog 4. Unshelve dialog 4. The Revision Log Dialog 4. The Code Collaborator Settings Dialog 4. Commits-by-Author Histogram 4.

Commits-by-Author Pie Chart 4. Commits-by-date Graph 4. Go Offline Dialog 4. The Compare Revisions Dialog 4. The image difference viewer 4. Explorer context menu for unversioned files 4. Explorer context menu for versioned files 4. Revert dialog 4. The Cleanup dialog 4.

Subversion property page 4. Adding properties 4. Property dialog for hook scripts 4. Property dialog boolean user types 4. Property dialog state user types 4. Property dialog single-line user types 4. Property dialog multi-line user types 4. Size of log messages property page 4. Language property page 4. Property dialog merge log message templates 4.

The Switch Dialog 4. The Merge Wizard - Tree Merge 4. The Merge Conflict Dialog 4. The Merge Tree Conflict Dialog 4. The Merge-All Dialog 4. The Locking Dialog 4. The Check for Modifications Dialog 4. The Create Patch dialog 4. TortoiseBlame 4. The Repository Browser 4. A Revision Graph 4.

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The known Subversion properties are all listed and any user defined. Change the check boxes to add or remove a property. Fill in the bottom pair of text boxes to define your own property and value. List the log history of the selected files or folder. You can choose to show all the log messages, the last few messages or the messages since a particular date. The Commit Log window shows an abbreviated listing of all the commit messages. Select a commit message to display the full commit message and the changed paths.

By selecting a single revision you can click the Diff button to view the differences between your copy of the file and the choosen revision. By selecting two revisions you can click the Diff button to view the differences between the pair of selected revisitions. Search the selected files or folder for changes to checkin and display the results in a Checkin Window.

You can also use commands from this window like Edit, Open, Diff and Log History to confirm that the changes are as you expect and help you write a suitable log message. Update the selected files or folder from the Subversion repository. The update will proceed in the background allowing you to do something else in Workbench. Take out a lock against the selected files. The dialog box allows a lock message to be entered. If the lock is already held by another user and you wish to override the other user's lock selected the Force check box.

Revoke a lock against the selected files. The dialog box allows you to confirm that you wish to unlock the file. You can unlock a file that is locked by another user by selecting the Force check box. If SCM Workbench or a Subversion command did not complete it is possible to leave the working copy in a locked state state L.

Use the CleanUp command to clean up the working copy, removing locks and resuming unfinished operations. The tags folder can be configured via the Projects menu Project Settings… dialog. The branches folder can be configured via the Projects menu Project Settings… dialog.

Context menus can also differ according to the type of revision s working dir, regular revision, un applied mq patch. Here we give a list of all existing context menu entries. Right-clicking on a selection of revisions in the top graph pane will bring up the revision context menu.

Copies the revision hash to the clipboard. Under X11, the short changeset hash is automatically copied to the primary selection when the revision is clicked, you paste it by pressing the middle mouse button. Right-clicking on filenames in the file list pane bottom left of the RevDetails task tab will bring up a context menu for the selected file:.

Right-clicking on filenames in the file list pane of the Commit task tab will bring up a different context menu for the selected file:. The changeset display pane will detect and underline changeset hashes, HTTP s URLs, and bug report identifiers inside changeset messages. These underlined phrases are clickable links. Every word-boundary delimited string of 12 or 40 characters from the range [a-f] is considered a changeset link.

Clicking on it in the repository explorer will jump to the given changeset if possible. Issue tracker links are enabled when configured in the tortoisehg section of your configuration files. There are two keys: issue.

The first defines the regex to match when picking up issue numbers, while the second defines the command to run when an issue number is recognized. You may include groups in issue. The console built into the Workbench Output Log dock widget can run Mercurial hg commands, TortoiseHg thg commands, a couple special commands, and limited shell commands. Commands are always executed in the root of the current repository. The prompt is updated to keep you aware of the context.

There is no stdin while stdout and stderr are piped to the output log. See also KeySequences on the wiki pages. The Workbench has a few configurable options that can be set in the TortoiseHg Settings dialog on the Workbench tab. The exact colors given to particular users can be configured by adding lines like these to your Mercurial. TortoiseHg latest. Preface 2. Introduction 3. TortoiseHg in daily use 5.

Common Features 5. Windows Explorer Integration 5. GNOME desktop integration 5. Workbench 5. Workbench Menus 5. Edit Toolbar 5. Dock Toolbar 5. Sync Toolbar 5. Task Toolbar 5. Filter Toolbar 5. Revision Graph Details 5. Performance Implications 5. Revision Context Menus 5. File Context Menus 5.

Message Parsing 5. Output Log Console 5. Keyboard navigation 5. Configurables 5. From command line 5. Create a new repository 5. Clone a repository 5. Commit 5. Shelve 5. Synchronize 5. Serve 5. Detect Renames 5. Ignore Filter 5. Archiving 6. Settings 7. Patches 8. Extensions 9. Use with other VCS systems Frequently Asked Questions Docs » 5. TortoiseHg in daily use » 5.

Workbench View page source. Workbench dialog. Revision History View A tabbed widget to view multiple repositories at once. The different columns show general information about each changeset in the graphlog. This is the main or central widget of the Workbench application.

Repository Registry This widget, by default shown on the left, allows to manage multiple repositories from the Workbench. You can also use it as a commandline by typing Mercurial commands at its prompt directly. It shows any error messages when appropriate. Content is wiped when the Workbench is closed. Task Tabs The lower right part of the Workbench is occupied by a stack of widget where you can perform various frequent tasks.

It is a tabbed widget. See further for more detail about each one. File Handle repositories and settings. File Menu.

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