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The Powertec customer service department can answer any questions you may have regarding our Can I retro fit the accessories to my old WB-MS unit? Full review of the Powertec WB-LS Levergym WorkBench System - a Different generations have different bases, and older models have an. I bought my Powertec Workbench Leverage Home Gym for 4 months now. aged Smith machine I had (10 yrs old) and is sure to last at least as long as it did. PALLADIO COMODO Пышма - 150 руб. Наряженное платье на сумму par Deux грн, стоимость. При единовременной покупке детской доставляется в этот же вас будет день, заказы сделанные позже на следующий.

It features a single-cable that runs from the lower portion of the tower through a series of pulleys up to the top portion of the tower. Pulling from either end of this cable results in the weights being lifted. This system is very smooth, offers very consistent tension throughout the full range, and can handle an adequate pounds.

The cable portion of the tower alone makes it worthy of consideration. Low rows are very smooth on the Powertec, but they do need to be done from the floor rather than on a bench. There is also a pair of plate-loaded pressing arms on the front of the tower. These arms are adjustable to allow for shoulder presses, incline bench press, flat bench press, or a very low setting just for getting the arms out of the way when using the machine for cable work.

Both pulleys are super smooth, and exercise variety is limited only by the number of attachments you have. An adjustable knee roller pad keeps you locked to the floor and bench when performing lat pulldown variations. The Powertec adjustable bench that I have is no good for pressing at my height, but a standard bench cannot be pushed close enough to the machine to work well either. The tower is a solid piece of equipment. Pulley System; and it will even give you access to the Hammer Strength-style, iso-lateral pressing movements.

Lots of variety indeed! The Powertec tower takes up very little floor space when the bench is not attached , it will accept any cable attachment you can imagine, and it just does an all-around decent job of rounding out a garage gym that would normally consist of just a power rack, barbell, plates, and maybe a GHD or something. If you own the Spud Inc.

I think it can be, but I also feel this should be picked up used whenever possible. Sadly, this bench is by far the worst thing about the whole Powertec WorkBench system. The previous generation of the Powertec Adjustable Bench. Still, since many will attempt to buy a WorkBench used, I am going to explain why I do not like this particular bench so that you can decide whether or not you are willing to buy a WorkBench that includes this same adjustable bench.

This is the highest seat position. It may as well not adjust at all if you ask me! The new bench does look much improved over the previous bench. It features a wider footprint which should help with stability, an actual support frame rather than all the floating components, and the swivel feature looks to be completely removed. The new bench does appear to use the same silly adjustment pins though, and the pad and handles look identical as well.

Also, the downside of that extra stability is that the front feet of the bench are going to be precisely where your feet are going to be when pressing. Finally, the same issue with positioning under the bench handles will exist since this model also needs to be attached to the frame of the WorkBench.

However, it is quite possible that because of the increased stability of this newer bench that it can be used with confidence when detached from the frame, eliminating that issue altogether. Feel free to comment with some feedback if you own the Powertec bench. So yes, the new is a better bench. Customer service issues with equipment vendors are rare.

Forgiving Powertec for their antiquated ordering process, I still had two other issues. First, the replacement pin that I purchased broke immediately. I followed up with my salesperson only to be told that this is normal, and that I should simply purchase adhesive and glue the pin back together. Finally, when I placed this order for parts, I was told there was a known safety issue with my tower unit and that I was entitled to a free retrofit kit that would correct this safety hazard.

I accepted this safety kit but it was not included in my package. I inquired about it, of course, and I was told it was on its way and that it would arrive soon, but soon never came. I still do not have this retrofit kit to this day. All-in-all, I think Powertec is just unorganized and behind the times. I recommend that you buy new Powertec equipment from a third-party vendor and only deal with Powertec directly when you need a specific part.

I do enjoy the tower portion of the WorkBench. Exercise variety is virtually unlimited and the cable moves through the pulley system very smoothly delivering consistent tension with no catching or dragging. The version of the WorkBench has iso-lateral pressing arm function, which is a very nice touch, but you still need to be able to line up properly to use those arms safely with good form.

This thing hates tall people. I think you can do way better for the money. The bottom line is this. The bench is a waste of money; especially the previous generation model, and I do not recommend it. Tagged as: gymstation , homegym , levergym , powertec , workbench , workstation , , , , , adjustable bench from Powertec , Body Solid , cable machine for home gym , cable station combo for garage gym , corner gym , full powertec review , garagegym , good value home gym machine , lat pulldowns at home , Powertec WorkBench Review , rowing machine for garage gym.

It may be too much to expect you to try the available options, but I think a lot of people would want something like this but with no problems — both plate-loaded and selectorized. Are you talking about the accessories? Or are you referring to other machines like the WorkBench? The accessories are ridiculous, and I actually am going to keep an eye out for alternatives because I think this type of dual-cable machine with pressing station is a good idea, and they really are compact all things considered.

Hello, I am considering getting the LS but replacing the bench like you suggested. I was wondering if it could work just as good with my Rep Ab? I have yet to find a bench that works well with the Powertec because nothing can get close enough to the unit to get aligned under the pressing arms. None of this bench situation impacts the use of the cables obviously. Thanks for the helpful response!

Of course, and sorry. These multi-station type things are really designed to be used only with their own equipment. I wonder if the body solid would have the same issue, but then again it looks pretty much like the powertec tower ha. Thank you for putting in so much attention to detail. There is a better version of this leverage gym, also suited for taller people and it comes with a better bench. I just wanted to comment on the newly revised powertec workbench utility adjustable bench.

I previously had the older version and I can concur that the issues you stated I had too. The newer bench fixes most of those and is even more versatile. The handles are not more stable, hex bolts instead of Philips screws. The pad is nicer, firmer, and overall better. Easily replace your lost bearings with the Powertec Small Bearing. The Powertec Olympic Collar is a replacement collar that you can use for all the different Powertec machines.

These durable collars are sold individually. Designed to support your knees. This pad supports your thighs while you're doing hyperextension work. The Powertec Hyperextension Ball Pin is a versatile, 13 mm thick replacement pin for use on your Powertec Hyperextension and other machines with similar specs.

The Powertec Footplate allows you to bolt the rack down to the floor for additional stability. You can use these versatile Powertec Foam Rollers on your different Powertec machines. Snug fit vinyl covers protect the foam from sweat plus wear and tear. These Powertec Foam Roller Polished Steel Caps are easy to install replacement caps that keep the foam rollers in your leg lift attachment from slipping off. This is a replacement seat pad for your Powertec Bench. This replacement pad now has the pressed Powertec logo on it.

This Powertec Basic Trainer Elbow Pad is a high quality replacement pad that supports your elbows while you're training on your Powertec gym equipment. This Pad sits near you.. These tough Megatec J-Hooks also reduce noise and protect the knurling of your bar.

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Still beefy and durable. I like the new line of attachments although I feel for the price some should be included. Actually functioned as new but due to dimension differences the new attachments wouldn't fit it. I definitely feel confident claiming these racks will last a lifetime and rival any commercial rack on the market. A lot of wannabe racks out there but when you throw some serious weight on this rack and see the abuse it will take you know it's the real deal.

The new style pullup bar is cool. Haven't had a chance to really test the step up plate and landmine but as they all are commercial quality I don't see any issues. I didn't have the bench with my old rack but got the whole package this time. Bench is really top of the line and super heavy duty too. Will probably be getting some attachments for it soon. Due to high volume of online orders, and the need to social distance, please allow 3 - 5 business days from the date of your order placement, until the item leaves our warehouse.

All of our carriers are experiencing delays, especially during the last mile of delivery, and may require additional time to deliver to your curbside depending on your location. Thank you for your understanding.

Close menu. Parts and Connectors. All Products. Log in. Powertec Power Rack, an industry proven design, just got upgraded. The power rack WB-PR comes with "westside" style hole spacing to help you find the perfect starting position. Commercial Grade Quality, offering lbs. Color — Yellow Color Yellow.

Expandable with Accessories: The power rack frame is designed to accept a wide variety of Power Rack specific attachments to expand your training, whether that be for Football, Cross Training, Bodybuilding, Power Lifting or general wellness. You can further customize your Power Rack to include the optional Workbench-Utility Bench and Lat Tower Option which will allow you to expand your home gym adding a wide variety of exercises.

The WB-PR is the perfect expandable tool to meet your strength training needs. Second image shows Rack with our new Lat Tower Option. Total Shipping Weight: lbs. Customer Reviews. Customer Photos. Reviews Questions. Title of Review. How was your overall experience? Do you recommend this product?

Thank you for submitting a review! The bench and Ab station includes the front tube adaptor that accepts Powertec Workbench Attachments. The arms on the lever gym equate to 20 lbs. For example - with lbs. Therefore, lbs. Starting Weight Unloaded : Press station: 30 lbs.

Max Weight Capacity: Press station: lbs. I fell in love with lifting heavier and heavier over the years. When I was about 50 years old I started to struggle with lifting due to old back injuries and extremely bad arthritis in my joints.

This machine has given me back the ability to work out the way I choose at age 59 with these limiting factors my body now has. I would highly recommend this and pretty much any powertec equipment. Everything I have purchased has been high quality. Couple small tears on hack squat pads but no major issues. Best things: super smooth and effective lat pull down, self-spotting so you can bench or squat heavy when alone.

Not thrilled with attachments, especially the leg stuff. I stick with bench, lat pull downs and hack squats. The machine itself is awesome, everything I expected, was packaged well and shipping was way faster than estimated. The assembly instructions are mostly correct but need work. The text uses numbers for hardware while the illustrations have different numbers.

Illustrations are more correct than text but print is very faint on some pages and hard to read. Due to high volume of online orders, and the need to social distance, please allow 3 - 5 business days from the date of your order placement, until the item leaves our warehouse. All of our carriers are experiencing delays, especially during the last mile of delivery, and may require additional time to deliver to your curbside depending on your location.

Thank you for your understanding. Close menu. Parts and Connectors. All Products. Log in. Color — Yellow Color Yellow. Fully Adjustable Bench Design: The Workbench's new design provides additional stability and allows users to adjust the seating area and Back Rest Pads at different settings with ease thanks to its unique Ball Bearing Driven Carriage.

Expandable with Accessories: The bench and Ab station includes the front tube adaptor that accepts Powertec Workbench Attachments. True Weight Lifted on Leverarms: The arms on the lever gym equate to 20 lbs. Dimensions L x W x H :

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