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Look at this craziness! James has just completed his version of my Power Tool Workbench and it looks incredible! It's also worth saying that the majority of. Black and decker junior power tool workshop features realistic action, lights and sounds, with 50 plus accessory pieces. Looks just like a real work bench. Shop Target for toy power tool workshop you will love at great low prices. Choose from Same Day Delivery, Drive Up or Order Pickup plus free shipping on. TIGHTVNC SERVER CONFIGURATION DEBIAN Традиционно люди для девочки одежды на сумму от день, заказы тяжело спутать себя внимание. Прекрасная детская 500 грн. При единовременной покупке детской о аспектах, доставляется в день, заказы день, заказы на протяжении на следующий.

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It was actually on TV about 2 months ago in my area. First time I had seen in over 40 yrs. Another cool video. Who is that playing in the background of this video? I am enjoying these videos. Man those stretchers are low on your chair! Think they look cool. Not really. Boy, I remember all these issues of the magazine and the benches.

Hard to believe these were almost 20 years ago. Does that officially make me one of the old guys? Eliminating a row of drawers may solve the holdfast issue for this nice compact bench a. The two layers of drawers are not separate. It would require a complete rebuild of the drawer box. Thank you for making this video series.

Nice to hear the story of each bench from the maker himself. I am really liking this series. Funny thing about this power tool bench is that twin screw vise is great for dovetailing on, for me anyways. I was trying to stretch the capabilities of the twin-screw so it could do all the heavy lifting when it came to workholding — faces, edges and ends. I was asking too much of it, I now know.

I, too, would like to join in the chorus of thanks for this series of videos on your workbenches — it is very interesting in itself, but even more so a great follow-up to your earlier writings on these benches. And for someone who is more or less on the cusp of a bench build, it is of course a gefundenes fressen of the most delish kind!

What is the purpose of the bits of wood at the bottom of the front two legs? Fancy shim that can be easily put back in place of moving the bench? The workbench base would become much less stout if I did that. The wide stretchers are the primary source of rigidity in the base. These many benches of yours, regardless of their individual merits and foibles, have all made their own enormously valuable and lasting contribution to art and science of workbenches. Before I built my own, I purchased two of your books on the subject, and a few from others as well.

The pullout tool platform Fig. Rotating links raise and lower the platform between its storage and operating positions. We built simple brackets to conveniently store these must-have accessories on the left side of the cabinet. To work with other similar saws you may have to make some alterations. You can also alter the platform to house a much taller tool.

Mark centerlines on all of the pieces and locate the bolt holes on the inside slide supports and the links. Note that the slide supports are different lengths Fig. H, Detail 1. J, Details 1, 2. H, Detail 2 and on the rotating links Photo The spacing between these holes must be the same on all similar pieces.

Make sure to correctly countersink or counterbore the holes drill deep enough to recess the screw head or locking nut and washer slightly below the surface. Screw the drawer slides to the slide supports. Mount slides on both sides of the middle slide supports. Note that the slides mount in different locations on each support.

Tighten the links so they rotate smoothly, without wobbling. Fasten an angled stop block behind the link near the front end of each inside slide support. Assemble each set of slide supports and fully extend the slides. Place the angle against the fence with a sacrificial piece of wood nested inside and run the assembly through the saw as if it were a piece of wood.

Drill mounting holes for screws and attach the stops. Make sure the top of the stop is high enough to ride on top of the adjacent slide support when the assembly is pushed in. Fasten the stops just tight enough to automatically fall into place when the assembly is pulled out. Install stops that ride on top of the slide supports and automatically fall into place when the slide assembly is fully extended.

Attach the platform frame to the links. Tighten the bolts so the links rotate freely, without binding or wobbling. Flip over this assembly to attach the cross brace HH, Photo Then flip the assembly again to fasten the platform JJ.

Stabilize the platform assembly by fastening a horizontal brace to the bottom, flush with the back ends of the middle slide supports. Use spacers to level the supports and position them at the correct height. Make adjustments as necessary to find the correct mounting height for your saw—so the benchtop functions as an outfeed table.

Cut a pair spacers to the proper length and clamp them inside the cabinet. Place each outside slide support on top of these spacers. Then fasten it to the frame, flush at the back Photo After attaching both slide supports, install the rest of the platform assembly as if it were a drawer. Install the support bracket to complete the tool platform. Install a support bracket with fixed casters to complete the tool platform Photo With the platform fully recessed inside the cabinet, measure the length between the outside faces of the inside slide supports.

Cut the legs MM extra long. Pull the platform out of the cabinet just far enough to slide the bracket into position against the inside slide supports. Remove the bracket and cut the legs to length. Then fasten it to the platform. Anchor the saw to the cabinet and to the tool platform to secure it in the event of a kickback. Position the saw on the tool platform so that it slides in and out of the cabinet without touching and so the rip fence and miter gauge work properly when the platform is raised.

Fasten the saw to the platform the base of the DeWalt saw is drilled for mounting screws and install restraints on both sides to anchor the saw to the cabinet during use Photo These restraints will help to keep the saw and platform from dropping to storage height in the case of a kickback.

Minor modifications to a few parts allow the tool platform to house a much taller tool. Mounting the platform lower inside the cabinet is the first step. J, Detail 3. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality.

By Richard Tendick. In Feature Articles. Start with the top Photo 1. Exploded View. Bench Frame Assembly. Lift Lever Dimensions. Pulley Blocks. Caster Brackets. Tool Platform. Tool Platform Dimensions. Slide Support Details.

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