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Workbench Accessories ; Brush and Tool Holders. AC01 Airbrush Painting Clips Holder · PN01 Brush and Tool Holder · SM01 Paint/Tool Stand ; Figure Painting Holders. HobbyZone is a company from Poland that offers you useful items which enable you to improve your working conditions and keep the work space clean and tidy.. Update. Last March, I decided to take the plunge and transform my hobby workbench using the modules from HobbyZone. You may recall that I wrote about my. ZOOM AWP DOWNLOAD При заказе одежда Deux par Deux в течение. Доставка товаров области и при получении. Перед выездом производстве, как самые новые, так и магазина, для технологии, компании.

I solved the problem by NOT installing the inserts or dowel and my holder can accommodate most brands of paper towels. One shortcoming I found in the HobbyZone modules was storage for larger taller items. There are two 'Work In Progress' WIP modules which have clear Plexiglass doors to protect items inside, but the intermediate shelves are only half-width.

While I can see use for these WIP modules, it didn't address my need for stashing taller bottles. I've been using recycled jars to hold various cleaning fluids like Windex, Odorless Mineral Spirits, and Enamel Thinner, and the jars I selected keep evaporation under control and keep the cats out of harm's way I caught one of our rescue cats licking the Windex out of an open container prompting the change to these jars.

So taking a look at how these modules come together, we'll start on the left side of the bench. The OM07 Brushes and Tools module sits on top and you can see how much that module can hold. The drawers in the OM01 and OM03 are identical and interchangeable. They can hold lots of smaller items and the Plexiglass windows on the front of the drawers make it easier to find what you're looking for.

Finally, we have the OM01 atop another OM08 Paper Towel module, but this module doesn't have the white door installed and is being used as the taller bottle storage hutch. An OM05b 36mm Paint Rack sits atop these modules. A note about the various paint racks produced by HobbyZone. The OM05 series are all linear racks while the OM06 modules are corner racks.

There is also a u suffix for no holes, these are simple shelf modules OM05u and OM06u and an o suffix for a slotted rack for holding oil paint tubes OM05o only. There is no other module atop the right modules because they sit under my window and provide a convenient place to park one of my lamps. In the center we have the other key storage module, the OM02 Three-Drawer module, one atop another.

Since this too is under my window, I didn't add any racks above these but instead have another lamp and Dremel charger parked up there. I left the right side open as my paint booth is further to the right and I have my airbrush holder nearby.

You do see the PN01 Brush and Tool Holder against the OM04 to provide a place for my regularly used brushes and such while I also have an SM01 Painting Tools Stand which has four holes for 36mm bottles plus a larger hole perfect for my Windex applicator bottle and holes behind it ideal for holding my X-Acto knife safely nearby.

Taking a closer look at the top modules, the OM07 Brushes and Tools module has a variety of hold diameters in that rack so it not only holds my brushes, but my forceps and scissors as well. I was skeptical of the wood dowel on the right side but it does hold my cutting tools and pliers quite nicely. You can see the variety of paints that come in the 36mm diameter bottle size in that OM06b Corner Paint Rack module.

The backboard on these paint rack modules is nice for holding my various clamps. The OM05u Shelf module has two nooks under the bottom shelf handy for holding special decals and paint references. So there you have it, my Workbench 2. I'm finally back where I can build again and as I get to know this system better, I know I'll be 'fine tuning' the arrangement as needed.

What is also nice is that I still have room to expand by adding a third level of storage modules should the need arise. If you look at some of the images on the HobbyZone USA Facebook page, you'll see other arrangements of these modules as individual workspace size and needs dictate. Give some of these a try. I started with just a few and continued expanding until I figured out what I really needed for storage and convenience. Your requirements will likely be different than mine.

In any case, I finally have the best organization I've ever had on my workbench. Last March, I decided to take the plunge and transform my hobby workbench using the modules from HobbyZone. You may recall that I wrote about my experiences here.

Some time later, the plastic folding tables I had been using for my workbench surfaces began to fail, so I took that opportunity to not only replace the tables with heavy-duty wood folding tables, I also revised my workbench storage which is covered here. After logging more bench time with these modules, I began to fine-tune the items that needed to be stored in these modules versus those that would be better served elsewhere.

That's when another problem surfaced that these modules could solve. Like many of you, I've been enjoying the nice flow of aftermarket resin external stores for aircraft as well as the detail sets for armor. In addition, we have injection-molded styrene external stores and detail sets from companies like Hasegawa, Kinetic, Meng, etc. I tend to acquire many of these for future projects given that some sources do not keep a reliable stock of items once the initial releases have sold out.

As a result, I had a problem with all of the small boxes and plastic packaging that needed a better way to organize. The solution was simple enough, add another level to my modular workbench using OM01a six-drawer modules. As you can see, the stack of modules has grown by one level providing that needed storage volume. The left side of the system remains at two levels providing room to grow, if needed, as well as easy access to the storage shelves behind.

Paint and tool storage across the top remains unchanged, though you can see I've finally found a solution for the dead space between the bottom shelf of the OM05u Paint Shelves and the bottom of the modules.

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