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Ask yourself a couple of simple questions about them:. This step is very important. Believe me when I say, a little bit of planning and a whole lot of ingenuity can produce some really great results from very basic supplies. Your imagination is limitless, while your wallet is not.

The workbench surface is actually a solid core door which I bought used Baht and split in half, glued and screwed together. There is a notch out of the back right-hand corner to allow for building structure that measures 12 cm X 26 cm. Notching or beveling of the workbench surface can be accomplished with this device.

The workbench legs are built from rubber tree wood. This type of wood is never really straight, but it is less expensive and more readily available in Thailand. Each cm piece of rubber tree 2 X 4 cost Baht. This spacing is to prevent the workbench surface from bowing drooping in the middle section. This amount of spacing also allows for 2 roll-away shelf carts to fit perfectly between each set of legs. Incorporate off-the-shelf products or items you already have into your workbench design.

I plan to cover a small portion of the surface of the workbench with a thin exterior carpet. I will use a staple gun to secure the carpet to the wooden workbench surface. Having this small piece of carpet I suggest at least a 40 cm X 40 cm piece helps to control small parts ball bearings, springs, washers, small screws, etc.

Dropping small items onto a metal, wooden, or tiled surface tends to send them bouncing off into places unknown, but having just a bit of carpet on your workbench will keep that from happening. The height of your workbench is a personal preference, although I do recommend building it high enough so as to prevent yourself from having to continuously bend over to work on projects.

Your lower back will thank you if you build the workbench surface at a level well above your belly button. Taking the height of your workbench surface into account, you should always plan to have some type of organized storage below the bench. Shelving works great, and can add stability to the workbench if it is fastened to the legs of the bench. Metal or plastic container boxes are useful, but try to avoid the type that have lids.

Keep your spare parts organized. The first step is to round up all your spare tubes, deflate and roll them, and bind them with a rubber band. Do the same with tires. Get a bin or box for them. Clunky, big and awkward, tires have no place on a workbench. Better stash them underneath.

Chains, brake pads, cables, and such, go well on the wall or in a drawer. As you organize, look at your bike and make note of replacement parts you may need. Getting ahead of required parts before the season really kicks off will save countless rides.

So, go buy a spare tire and a chain; maybe add some grips or bar-tape. Have you ever attempted back-to-back rides, only to be thwarted by a torn sidewall and a 3 hour wait for a tire change at the shop? Or an evening ride Friday night with smoked brake pads and an early Saturday ride?

Being stocked at home makes packing for a trip way easier and immeasurably quicker. Knowing that you can replace your tire, your chain, or that rancid smelling bar-tape without needing to leave your garage could really be helpful. They should also have the spare parts you need, so that you can stock your home workshop as well. Eric Ramirez has about 20 years experience working on bikes, starting in Park City. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Arizona, N. California, and Western Colorado. We have a complete calendar of events in the region, and strive to reach cyclists of all types. We distribute approximately copies each month throughout the region. We also post the issue for digital download. Our mission is to make the world a better place through bicycling. Please join us! Contact us: [email protected].

Sign in. Password recovery. Saturday, April 2, Keeping a clean workbench isn't just about presentation, it really helps you to make sure everything made it back on your bike! Photo by Eric Ramirez Tools are essentially just paperweights if the repair actually calls for replacement. Building a home bicycle repair workshop assumes two things: You actually know how to use the tools on your workbench; and You have the spare parts you need to make those tools useful.

Organization — What Do You Need? Another thing to keep in mind: some of this stuff does not necessarily need to be new.

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