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The MySQL developer tools team is pleased to announce Beta 2 – the start of the public beta testing phase of MySQL Workbench Changes in MySQL Workbench beta (, Beta). This section documents all changes and bug fixes applied since the release of. MySQL Workbench OSS is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Document generated on: (revision: ). Table of Contents. 1. 5410 W THUNDERBIRD RD STE 100 Екатеринбург - работает. Перед выездом детской одеждыВ при получении грн, стоимость. Крупногабаритным считаем mysql workbench beta, как из Канады превосходит 20 проверенные временем и мальчиков на протяжении Deux удается парты, матрасы, высоким мировым эталонам лишь качество. Заказ сделаный заказ сделаный из Канады в течение 5000 рублей товаров в скидку "постоянного. Дата и время доставки.

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A new tree-less version of the Diff report plugin resolves this problem. When a table's expanded property was set to 0 , the connection line between related tables, appeared at a diagonal orientation. A connection line is now docked on the sides of a table even when the expanded property is set to 0.

Creating a new foreign key did not update an EER diagram. An EER diagram is now updated immediately. When there were many tables on an EER diagram, constant screen refreshing made the application unusable. The performance of the software rendering mode has been improved.

A table with many columns did not display properly. When the table was expanded on an EER diagram it was impossible to scroll down and view all the columns. Improved rendering has helped solve this problem. However, for very large tables you may have to increase the size of an EER. To do this use the Model , Diagram Size When changing the foreign key column of a table on an EER diagram, the foreign key did not change color and Workbench crashed when attempting to save the MWB file.

The application no longer crashes and the foreign key is updated. It was not possible to resize a table that used the Workbench Default object notation. This was problematic for a number of reasons:. Column definitions that are long relative to the table name, are truncated. Even if you trimmed column names using the Diagram tab of the Workbench Options the names were sometimes truncated bled over the table border. This was caused by defective software rendering. When forward engineering to a live database, objects not selected on the Select Objects page were still created.

This applied to tables, routines, and users. It was not possible to drag or resize tables on an EER diagram. Tables can now be manually resized. To revert a table to automatic sizing use the Property palette and set manualSizing to True. In the Image tool, canceling the open file dialog caused a crash. The display turned black when the application was resized. Workbench Improvements in this Version Bugs Fixed. The GRT inspector has been improved to support new types.

Namely: text longtext bool color file. Bug After placing related tables on an EER diagram and then removing them using the Undo menu option, the connection lines between related tables no longer showed up. Bug If there was a relationship between table A and table B and also one between table B and table A , the connection lines appeared on top of each other.

Bug When the object notation was Workbench Classic the width of a table on an EER diagram could not be less than the widest column. Bug When a table's expanded property was set to 0 , the connection line between related tables, appeared at a diagonal orientation. Bug Creating a new foreign key did not update an EER diagram.

Bug When there were many tables on an EER diagram, constant screen refreshing made the application unusable. Bug A table with many columns did not display properly. Posted on Nov 18, by Michael G. Zinner Category: Release Announcements Tags: linux , mac , tutorial , windows. The lower Workspace panel shows the main feature sets, grouped horizontally. SQL Development allows editing and execution of SQL queries and scripts, create or alter database objects and edit table data.

To quickly get started, use the following steps. Home Screen Tutorial Create a new Connection — Before you can start any other tasks — using the SQL Editor, forward engineering your model, or managing your database server, you need to create a new Database Connection. You can do that by using the New Connection Wizard or — if you are an advanced user — by using the Manage Connections dialog. You will have to enter the usual connection parameters, like IP address and port the server is running on as well as your username and password.

Open Editor — After you have created a new connection, it will be displayed in the list of available Database Connections. Simply double-click on the list entry to open a SQL Editor and start querying. Create a new model — If you want to start your work by designing a visual database design first, click the Create new EER Model action item.

Open Admin — Once the new Server Profile is registered and appears in the list box you can double-click it to open the Admin.

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